By completing your event form contract with E-signature you agree to all terms and conditions below. Deposits are nonerefunable due to these being speciality vintage cars. Over Time: If time runs over the scheduled end time additional charges will be assessed. Rates are in one 30 minute increments. Your vehicle may be scheduled for another event, thus making it unavailable for over time, please check with your driver about availability of overtime. Client is liable for the full contract if canceled. Contract is to be payed in full and is nonrefundable if canceled by the client.  Alcohol and drugs:  Alcohol will NOT be allowed in the vehicle if any passengers are under the age of 21. If this is found, the charter may be terminated immediately and no refund will be given. Vintage Limousine will strictly enforce State and Federal Laws and will maintain a zero tolerance compliance policy that no alcoholic beverages can be consumed or used by any person not of legal drinking age.  Illegal drugs in any of our vehicles will not be tolerated.  If found, your will be terminated and no refund given. Injuries: Vintage Limousine will not be responsible for injuries that may occur due to horse playing while the vehicle is in motion or at a standstill. You and your guests must remain seated while the vehicle is in motion. The purchaser is responsible for his or her guests.  You agree to hold Vintage Limos harmless and release Vintage Limousine for all liability for any incidents, accidents or personal injury. 

 Vintage Limousine reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund, if the Operator or the Dispatcher on duty feels that the client and/or Party of the client is putting the Operator or car on display or the mode of transportation or the client and/or Party of the client in danger of damage or injury. Operator may terminate the reservation at any time if the client and/or party become unruly and/or uncontrollable. Damages and cleaning:  The client will be charged for any damages that are caused by his/her guests.  Client is also responsible for any future “loss of use” of the limousine or display caras a result of damages caused by the client or his/her guests. You agree to all damage assessments being charged to your card on file. Personal Items:  Vintage Limousine is not responsible for any articles left in the vehicle. 

Weather/Traffic/Breakdowns:Vintage Limousine cannot be held responsible for any weather conditions, traffic conditions causing delays such as wrecks or traffic jams, weather related breakdowns, componet failures such as tire failures debris in road that cause damage, construction delays or any other circumstances which are out of our control and are nonrefundable. If an attempt is made under any of these conditions to make a scheduled event or a requested time (and as long as safety of driver and car are not an issue.) We reserve the right to a 30 minutes delay in any of the conditions listed occur. If an accident or construction delays our vehicle longer than the arrval time or the delayed arrival time we cannot be held responsible for delays out of our control and are nonrefundable.  If client chooses to leave earlier than scheduled time, we cannot be held responsible of time overlaps with other scheduled events or not being able to arrive at an earlier time requested. We're not responsible for any events schedulded during a wedding for any reason. We do not refund unused limo or display time. If we deem it unsafe to drive or continue in specified conditions we reserve the right to cancel without a refund. By completing our event form you agree to all terms and conditions.